June 2018

February 2018

Flash Out the Fleas Now!

With spring around the corner, we’d like to remind all pet owners to prepare for the onslaught of fleas!

Don’t Forget To Feed The Birds!

Brr…it’s cold outside. Many of us have experienced a lot of snow and ice over the last few weeks. What can we do to protect our precious wild birds when the temperature plunges?

January 2018

New Year Resolutions for Pet Owners

Animals don’t need to make New Year Resolutions—they are perfect as they are—but as pet owners, what can we vow to do in 2018 to make a difference?

November 2017

Fewer People Own Pets

According to a Guardian news story recently, fewer households own pets nowadays, compared to five years ago. And it’s because we live in smaller households and/or rented homes where landlords forbid them.