Did you know that October is Black Cat Awareness Month?

Fitting, really, as October is Hallowe’en, and black cats are often associated with witches. It was thought that witches could shapeshift and the form they often chose was a black cat. But they also have this reputation as unlucky, depending on where you are in the world.

Shelters often report that black cats are the last to be picked. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, for example, has found that cats or dogs with more than 65 percent of black or dark colouring are less likely to be adopted. Shelters in the US often resort to putting coloured bandanas around their necks to make the animals look less ‘black’. Shocking, hmm?

One reason given for the lack of enthusiasm for black cats is the supposed unluckiness, and the other could be that black cats aren’t quite as photogenic as other moggies. The blackness makes it harder to see their features so they might not look as appealing in pictures shelters take of animals needing a forever home.

Owners of black cats will tell you they certainly haven’t brought bad luck to their lives. A black cat is as rewarding as any other puss. Treat them well, and they will reward you with plenty of affection. There is some research that says black cats are very friendly. Perfect if you like your puss to ‘talk’ to you or curl up on your lap.

Another bonus with black cats is that black hairs on your clothes are often easier to disguise than white ones…

As for cuteness, have you ever seen the videos online for Cole and Marmalade? These two cats belong to CatManChris, and Cole, no surprises here given his name, is a beautiful long-haired black cat.

If you are in a position to adopt a cat, why not consider a black cat? He or she can be your very own lucky mascot.

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