Welcome to The Donni Doo Foundation

Our aim is to support as many local rescue centres as possible throughout Sussex and the surrounding areas.

But how did the foundation come about?

It’s all thanks to Donni… He’s 6yrs old and lives in the Sussex countryside, but began his life in Portugal. Thanks to the efforts of Helping Paws, an organisation that works to help fund flights for animals in Europe and bring them to the UK, Donni found himself in an RSPCA shelter in Brighton where he immediately pulled on my heart strings. We’ve been inseparable ever since, and that was nearly 4yrs ago.

Unfortunately, there are millions of dogs (and other animals) out there in need. You may not be able to re-home a dog, cat or any other animal, but YOU CAN help make their stay more enjoyable… by donating to The Pet Parcel Project.

We want to support as many rescues centres as we can. It’s our mission!

All the money raised through the project will help us to fill the parcels with yummy dog/cat treats, toys, toiletries, grooming tools and accessories.

If you’d like to donate to the #PetParcelProject please use our PayPal link by clicking on the icon, or you can transfer via Friends/Family using email: info@donnidoo.org.uk. Thank you x

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